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What is The Chubb Show?

The Chubb Show is an Entertainment Show, that targets adults, and young adults. The Chubb Show can be viewed on the internet, as well as TV. The show has been well received by all age groups and has reached viewers in more than 130 countries.The Chubb Show has proven to be successful and entertaining to all audiences since its first show in 2014.

The purpose of the “The Chubb Show” is to offer equal opportunities to professionals and amateurs while allow it's audience to enjoy mainstream and independent media, without the artist's message being filtered, changed, or watered down.

The Chubb Show plays and supports music from every Genre of music, and in all languages. (There is, of course, material that does not qualify for the show after screening.)

The Chubb Show is a Platform that allows the creative and talented, to be seen and heard.

If you know someone with talent, share this information with them.

Be sure to watch every show and please subscribe to our channel.
Where can The Chubb Show be seen?

  • The Chubb Show can be seen here, on our website.
  • Chubb Media
  • OKTV - OKTV is a German Public TV Station.
  • Vimeo
How many people does The Chubb Show reach?

  • The Chubb Show has been viewed online in more than 130 Countries.
  • OKTV reaches rougly 4 million households.
The Chubb Show
Zehntstrasse 8
68169 Mannheim, Germany
Phone: +49 621 379 05 444
Email: info@thechubbshow.com
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