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The Chubb Show Sponsored Artist Form

This form is only to be filled out by artists that are accepted into our sponsored artists program. If Dominicon did not contact you directly and or you did not received an e-mail from "The Chubb Show", please do not submit this form.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions. (Note: This form is not always available it has an expiration date.)

(Examples of Video Drops, Self-Interviews and EPKs - Electronic press kits are at the bottom of this page.)
The Chubb Show can be viewed in the following locations on your Television or App.
The Chubb Show can be viewed  in the following locations online.
Click the links below to watch the Chubb Show and to choose your favorite Episode, or your favorite Season:

Raggamuffin Chubb - (TCS)Theme Song
01 - pArts - Raggamuffin Chubb
  • Donations help us, to help others.
  • Donating to the "The Chubb Show" is not a must.
  • If you donate, any amount is ok.
  • We are very thankful for every donation.
  • Please do not feel bad if you are unable to donate.

The Chubb Show
Zehntstrasse 8
68169 Mannheim, Germany
Phone: +49 1575 580 48 57
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